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Branding apparel or promotional products with your company logo is a powerful advertising tool. We can help you decorate whatever merchandise you pick with quality graphics and text using innovative, state-of-the-art decorating services.

We offer numerous decoration techniques such as screen printing, embroidery, full colour imprint, etching, engraving, debossing, embossing, sublimations and so many other techniques. When it comes to apparel decoration embroidery and screen printing are the most common. The following explains the benefits of each.

Why Screen Printing?

Delivers Long Lasting Quality Results - Versatile, durable, cost-efficient and high quality are the hallmarks of screen printing and why it continues to be the most popular method of printing.

Cost-Efficient & Yields Large Volumes

  • Screen printing is cost-efficient compared to digital printing since it can create large quantities. Higher volumes of identical graphics can also be mass produced using the screen-printing process, making this the best printing option to use for larger orders.
  • Screen printing ink is absorbed deep into the fabric, providing clear edges resulting in long-lasting, bright and vibrant colours even on darker shades.
  • Heat-dried screen printing inks are also durable enough to handle repeat washing without cracking or fading. Also, additives and coatings can be added to the ink to make it resistant to UV rays, scratches, chemicals and moisture, allowing the products to last for many years.


  • Screen printing accommodates a wide range of materials, including vinyl, fabric, rigid plastic, foam board, metal, glass and many others. The printer can produce different products, such as banners, t-shirts, hats, posters, etc.
  • It is also not limited by size or shape, so distinctive shapes like those of mugs and bottles can be designed using this printing method.

Why Embroidery?

Embroidery remains a top method of logo apparel decoration.

Diverse and cost effective

  • Embroidery can be used to embellish jackets, baseball caps, golf towels, polo shirts, uniforms, backpacks, etc. Embroidered logos are consistent from piece to piece.
  • For screen printing to be less expensive than embroidery, a larger quantity of items generally needs to be produced. Embroidery is very cost effective when done on smaller orders.

Limitless options

  • Embroidery thread can be applied to a multitude of fabrics including those that have a lot of dimension like pique knits and polar fleece – both making great palettes for embroidery. In addition, the thread is soft and pliable enough to be comfortable when worn.
  • Created to last
  • Quality embroidery thread is designed to stand up to heavy laundering with colors that won’t fade by washing. It’s more common for a shirt to wear out before the embroidery decoration does.

We have access to the most advanced decoration techniques in the industry through our local tried and true and other trusted suppliers.

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